AP4AI plays an important role in the development of the future EU AI Act

02 Feb 2023

On 25-26 January 2023, participants to the "Ethical and legal aspects of AI for LE" event received a presentation of the Accountability Principles for Artificial Intelligence (AP4AI), including its relevance for the future EU AI Act. The project team presented the prototype of its online conformity assessment tool, which is designed to guide internal security practitioners through the evaluation of the compliance of their internal processes when developing and deploying AI tools with the 12 AI accountability principles.

An interactive workshop gathered validation feedback, which will be used to further refine and develop the online tool. The next phase of the project will include pilot testing of the tool by selected end users (prosecutors, police officers, border guards, data protection lawyers and asylum experts). The tool will also be updated to include conformity assessment requirements for the future AI Act.

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