The AP4AI principles

The 12 AP4AI Principles constitute a universal, empirically validated Framework for AI in the law enforcement and justice sector to fundamentally assess and enforce legitimate and acceptable usage of AI by the internal security community.


Every aspect of AI use can be monitored and assessed.


All AI designs and deployments are entirely in line with the law.


All AI practices, systems and decisions can be fully explained to the public and oversight bodies.


Information to assess AI use is easily and fully accessible


Groups that monitor and enforce are independent from Law Enforcement Agencies + AI developers.


It is possible to compel Law Enforcement Agencies to provide necessary information, systems or individuals to judge their AI use.

Commitment to robust evidence

Law Enforcement Agencies are committed to providing robust evidence to judge their AI use.


Every group involved in and affected by AI use has a voice.


All Law Enforcement Agencies use of AI strictly follows professional standards.

Enforceability and Redress

It is possible to compel Law Enforcement Agencies to comply with all requests to improve their AI practices.

Learning Organisation

Law Enforcement Agencies are willing to change their current AI practices based on new knowledge and insights.


All stakeholders have a constructive attitude in their negotiations with each other.