AP4AI Law Enforcement Validation Workshop

09 Jun 2022

On Thursday 9 June, we held a workshop to validate the AP4AI project blueprint at the STARLIGHT project general assembly in Thessaloniki.

Within AP4AI, Europol, CENTRIC and several EU Justice and Home Affairs Agencies have developed a set of 12 Accountability Principles which internal security practitioners can use to develop AI tools. Following a free toolkit, law enforcement agencies, judicial authorities, border management agencies and others will be able to develop AI Accountability Agreements to ensure that their use of AI is robust, ethical and balanced, and to help them explain its use to their stakeholders and citizens more generally.

The AP4AI project is in its third cycle, which involves validating the blueprint with practitioners. The STARLIGHT meeting offered the opportunity to validate the AP4AI blueprint with law enforcement practitioners already involved in AI development. The workshop was very successful, producing useful feedback for the further refinement of the AP4AI toolkit and showing the clear need for a harmonized approach, through AP4AI, for AI development in the internal security sector.

In the coming months, further validation sessions will be organized for the judiciary, border management, asylum and other practitioner groups.